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Jared is SMART on Crime

The old days of bad policy in the criminal justice system have led to devastating results for the community as a whole. Jared has a comprehensive plan to reduce crime and get appropriate outcomes, so that fewer people spend their lives entangled in the justice system. Below is our video series on what it means to be SMART on Crime!

Strategic | Measured | Accountable | Reasonable | Tough 

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Who's the District Attorney?

The District Attorney is the top prosecutor for the Augusta Judicial Circuit (Burke, Columbia, and Richmond Counties). The DA reviews...

What it means to be SMART on Crime

The time for losing major cases and watching violent felons go free is over. Jared has a plan to refocus the District Attorney's Office...

How will Jared make our community safer?

Jared’s Priorities as District Attorney will be to: Reduce crime and promote safety through improved management of the District ...

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